Click on the videos below to learn more about the authentic Japanese tradition, art, and style that is placed upon every mochi that we make fresh for our customers every day!

From #Localish - 2020

Fugetsu-Do Confectionary is the oldest shop in Little Tokyo, 117 years old, and works around the clock during the holiday season to fill the orders.

From Go-Kizuna - 2019

How has Fugetsu-do endured for 115 years and achieved its iconic status as THE premier Japanese American confectionery? Third generation manju master Brian Kito and Kizunaís Program Coordinator Hideki Fukusumi take you behind the scenes to show you how!

From CRFT By Maki - 2018

"While many 17 year olds may be preoccupied with high school hierarchy or following the every move of famous-for-no-reason celebrities, one in particular has chosen to carry the weight of his familyís legacy and community on his back.

I had the pleasure of spending time with the Kito family, owners of Fugetsu-Do in Los Angelesí Little Tokyo, for a history lesson and an unexpected peek into the future. Fugetsu-Do is a family owned Japanese confectionery that opened in 1903 and is the oldest Japanese-American business in the United States. Started by Seiichi Kito, which is now sailing on itís 114th year, the little shop with bountiful character specializes in handmade mochi and manju."

From Bites Of LA - 2015

Includes interviews with Brian Kito, owner of Fugetsu-do

Brian Kito Makes Mochi: Fugetsu-Do Celebrates110th Anniversary - 2013

From Departures - 2010

Family owned and operated since 1903, Fugetsu-Do Confectionery in Chinatown keeps its doors open thanks to Brian Kito, who continues the family tradition by baking, steaming, molding and rolling the most exquisite Japanese candy in Los Angeles. In the following interviews, Brian Kito tells us about the history of the family business and how a call from the Chinese Historical Society in Boston made him reconsider the stories his father told him about the invention of Chinese Fortune cookies.

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