Where To Buy Fugetsu-do Mochi Online

There are also many other types and flavors offered exclusively at our stores that range from more traditional pieces to new fruit flavors. We also specialize in seasonal mochi, which includes New Year's mochi for your festivals.

You must order in advance. Select manju styles in addition to the New Year's mochi will be available during and after Christmas.


We have made our manju available for purchases online from Japansuper.com! Please click either on the picture or under the name of the manju to order those sets online. For other items listed below, please call our stores to make arrangements.

Kuzumochi - Mochi filled with sweet azuki (red) bean paste. This is a seasonal item, which is only available in the month of July!

Wagashi Mix A - A six piece selection of handmade pieces of mixed Japanese Sweet Cakes, including Suama, Kiku (2 kinds), Chofu, Inaka Manju, and Yomogi Manju.


Wagashi Mix B - A different mix of handmade pieces of mixed Japanese Sweet Cakes, which include Kiku, Inaka Manju, Kuri Manju, Uguisu Manju, Sudare, and Ogura.


Wagashi 8 Piece - Are you left craving a bit more? For those who would like the various flavors and shapes to get a wide assortment of this Japanese confection.


Wagashi 12 Piece - A true treat for everyone whether you like the various soft centers of bean pastes (An) or outer textures. A custom made piece called the "chofu" has a pancake-like bread wrapped around a white mochi center - delicious!

Wagashi-Dorayaki - If you have a taste for the combination of ahn and cake, this is the treat for you! This is sweet beans between mini cake patties.

Habutai - One of our more traditional pieces filled with Tsubuan (sweet Azuki beans).


Pink Mochi - Fresh pink mochi filled with white bean paste. Formerly referred to as "Gyuhi" or "pink".


Kiku - Kiku in Japanese means "chrysanthemum". This is a special mochi to Fugetsu-do, which includes fresh pink and white mochi surrounding a white bean center - all molded to the shape of a flower.


Peanut Butter Mochi - A Fugetsu-do favorite with sweet mochi surrounding a peanut butter center.

PLEASE NOTE: Fugetsu-do only uses the finest peanut butter from Hampton Farms, which is not subject to the recall or the salmonella outbreak. Click HERE for verification from Hampton Farms.


Chocolate Mochi - This one is referred to as "Korey's Mochi" in honor of Brian's son, "Korey". This is an original chocolate flavored mochi surrounded by a liquid chocolate center.


Kusamochi - Kusamochi filled with Koshi An (sweet Azuki bean paste)


Uguisu - Manju filled with Koshi An (sweet Azuki bean paste)


Interested In Mochi Bits Topping for your Frozen Yogurt Business?

These mochi bits are cut to a size that is ideal as a topping for the new frozen treats and yogurt desserts. However, our topping is fresher and made of the finest Fugetsu-do manju! Many frozen yogurt stores nationwide have found out how much better their product is with Fugetsu-do manju on the top.

These mochi bits can be sent anywhere in the country. It is shipped either 1 day or 2 day by Federal Express. A case size is 9x3 pound (lb.) bags, 27 pounds per case. Ordering just requires an email address to have a credit aplication emailed to you to open an account.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high demand, it is important that you email us at mochibits@gmail.com and write "Mochi Bits" as the subject header to make sure that you get your order in as soon as possible.


Fugetsu-do welcomes RED MANGO Frozen Yogurt!

You can find our mochi exclusively offered as a special topping at select Red Mango Frozen Yogurt stores. Make sure to ask for the exclusive Fugetsu-do mochi topping when you stop by!